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You will be happier if others like you

More than just this moment matters
One of the hallmarks of the likeable personality is the ability to register another person’s values and opinions. The long-term thinker uses this skill to look into the future.

Interdependence is one of the goals of any great family, civic organization or company.
Individualism is waning. Synergy occurs when two or more people produce more value together than they could produce individually. Interdependence isn’t the same as dependence. It’s a relationship in which, by relying on another, you become stronger.

Harmony is key to any successful team. Technology has made cooperation and collaboration possible in new situations. The loners now need to join groups.

Success redefined
It means having a job you enjoy, coworkers you like and a pleasant environment within which to work. A positive workplace is so important that most people would make a financial sacrifice to achieve it. A Nov. 2003 survey by the research firm Robert Half International found that ‘one third of all executives surveyed believe the work environment is the most critical factor in keeping an employee satisfied to today’s business world.’ Unlikable people can’t buy affection and loyalty.

Likeability improves your capacity to understand others’ emotional expressions and respond to them as well as understand the implications of your own behavior.

If you make people feel great, they will listen to you, think about what you said and store it.

This is the final post from The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life’s Dreams by Tim Sanders.