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You know you need civility at work when…

Sept. 6, 2008 marks the second anniversary of this blog. I want you to help write the celebratory post. Finish that headline with one or more submissions….please. Here are three to help get you in the mood.

You know you need civility at work when…

…two people who haven’t seen each other in years meet outside your short cubicle wall and relive years there.

…you discover the lead person on the project you love…is a micromanager.

…you find your wastebasket pulled out into the middle of your cube space. ESP message: the contents weigh more than 8 ounces and you’ll need to empty it yourself.

Post your comments now.


A coworker's young relative spends lots of time and makes him/her self completely at home in your office area when your supervisor is gone, but none when the supervisor is in.

your writing is termed too "jocular" by someone who wants a rewrite for a printed newsletter. At the time it appeared on line, sources and other reviewers said it was great.

you're excluded from an e-mail list cancelling a meeting at the last minute, even though you were asked by the person who sent the e-mail to attend. It's convenient to be in a cubicle where everything can be observed and overheard!

-you accidentally find from an Internet search that you were a presenter of a paper at a conference, yet you never heard about the conference nor were you invited to attend.

coworkers are loud enough to be heard far beyond their own cubicles chatting about things that make you want to cover your ears and say "TMI"!

When a happy co-worker brings in warm bagels and cream cheese to celebrate the birth of a new grandchild...and it is the 2nd day of your new diet!!! LOL

When you go on vacation and lock your desk, only to come back and find someone has squirted superglue throughout the lock so thoroughly that it's come out the other side. And maintenance has to half destroy your drawer to get your desk open again.

You spend hours making a coconut cream cake entirely from scratch for your birthday, and proudly bring in the results to share. A coworker takes one look at the cake and says "No wonder you're not losing weight!"

you can't focus on your work because of ringing cellphones and ensuing personal conversations.