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Likeable people enjoy better health

One of the reasons likeable people often enjoy better health than unlikeable people is self-esteem. When you’re likeable, likeability is reciprocated and that in turn increases self-esteem. That helps withstand stress.

People high on the agreeableness scale (positive, good-natured, cooperative, civil) tend to make friends easily and often have a larger number of friends than those low on agreeableness. Popular people have stronger immune systems, fewer physical ailments, lower incidence of mental health problems and live longer than loners and introverts.

Having good relationships improves health and lifts depressions. One of the greatest benefits of likeability is a social support system that provides a lifeline to help through tough times.

The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life’s Dreams
By Tim Sanders
Crown Publishers, New York 2005


I learned a new word today - "agreeableness" :) I have not heard that adjective (agreeable) used as a noun before. I sure hope my likeability factor is full of agreeableness, so that I will be healthy and live a long, productive life!