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Are you relevant?

Relevance is….
your capacity to connect with others’ interests, wants and needs

When you’re relevant, you’ve connected to someone’s sweet spot—that area of the heart and mind in which passions are concentrated, the bull’s-eye in each of us that represents something significant.

Relevance has three levels—contact, mutual interests and value

Contact is based on frequency and proximity (how often you see another person face-to-face).

Some people will be more relevant than others depending upon the strength of the connection. When people connect with a trivial interest or need, they are less relevant. You have a higher level of relevance with mutual interests, a friend or relative, or a political or religious belief.

Relevance is strongest when a personal value proposition that you offer connects with another person’s wants and needs. If you possess a skill that will help someone complete a task, you are relevant. If you appeal to someone’s need to laugh, your relevance is your sense of humor. As your importance grows, so does your likeability. Your personal stock price rises in another soul’s marketplace.

Relevance is finding a way to matter. The ability to know what others dream about or agonize over is a form of intelligence possessed by relevant people.

The critical elements that shape your likeability factor--
No. 1 Friendliness
No. 2: Realness
No. 3: Empathy
No. 4: Relevance

Post 7 inspired by ‘The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life’s Dreams’ by Tim Sanders.