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Are you real? (Part 2)

Be true to others to maintain a high level of realness
1. Don’t forget your past. We all have ups and downs. Keep the link between today and yesterday’s experiences and the people in your past.
2. Share your glory. Would the outcome have been different if others had been absent from the story? Recognize those people.
3. Practice humility. It’s between false modesty and false pride. Those who have an inflated view of their value and their accomplishments are generally perceived as out of touch with reality.
4. Don’t exaggerate. Embellishing stories to the point of tall tales leads others to question everything you say.
5. Learn to say, “I don’t know.” People who are honest about their lack of knowledge on a particular topic are judged very real. Think of former television host Johnny Carson who often said to a guest, “I did not know that!”
6. Be honest when you make a promise. Follow through or confess you can’t as soon as you decide you will not be able to keep your word.
7. Recruit a reality coach, someone you trust who will give you fast and honest impressions.

Share your realness---now we’re really down to civility
Be totally present with someone when you talk, no distractions.
Admit your mistakes to yourself and to others face to face. Seek solutions on your own and suggestions from others. Correct your mistakes.
Be generous with yourself. Share your emotions, your beliefs, your dreams, your fears.