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A near miss; it can be hard to remember to share

I had an ‘aha’ moment this weekend. I’ve been working on a new project, a challenging one. It’s bringing some project management into the processes of producing educational materials and promotional marketing. I’m many hours into writing a project charter. Many of those hours were in the evening and on the weekend because this is a challenge and I love to be challenged.

That ‘aha’ moment--I’m doing exactly what I so loathe when others do it. The only input I’ve had was from my boss and some very informal discussions with others.

I need the perceptions and expectations of others
This need for project management was identified at a staff retreat. On Monday I was scheduled to meet with the three managers in my unit. I was going to give them copies of the project charter I’d worked so hard to create. I didn’t. Instead I gave them each one sheet of paper with some historical information and nine discussion questions.

I’m going to do the same exercise with anyone on the staff who wants to be involved. Why are we trying to incorporate some project management techniques? What is the vision---what will this look like when we’re finished? I’ve now convinced myself that all my work to date is simply background so I can host focused discussions.

This was a near miss
I was so focused on my work that it didn’t occur to me that talking through some basic questions will help shape what I’m doing into a much more relevant effort. I planned to share lots of information and ask for ideas and comments later, but I needed to share much earlier in the process. I almost missed that civility component of respecting what others can bring to the initial planning.


Aha!! Glad you didn't let the opportunity slip away to bring others to the planning table. You are a very wise woman to practice what you "write"! smile.....