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The ultimate act of unfriendliness is a display of anger

Ask yourself two questions.
Will this fix anything?
Is this how I want to be remembered?

Dealing with anger through anger management
• Delay your anger gratification, postpone your response a day
• Reframe the situation, recast the person you’re angry with in a different light. Does this person mean me ill? Will yelling at the person improve the situation?
• Commit to acknowledging no anger and no unfriendliness aloud. Say “I do not want to be angry with you. Can you help me?”
• Remove yourself from the situation. Pretend you’re a diplomat. Don’t show your hand. Leave if you need to. Politely excuse yourself.
• If you need to vent your anger, do it in private or with a trusted friend.
• Even if you can’t control your anger, it’s not over. If you are unfriendly, try to understand which technique would have worked better and use it next time.

Adapted from “The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life’s Dreams” by Tim Sanders, Crown Publishers, New York 2005

Today’s example: civility in the workplace of the Green Bay Packers
This from a Yahoo! Sports article: Favre to blame for nasty divorce

Nonetheless, publicly and privately, Rodgers did what Favre can’t seem to do these days: He kept his cool.

“If I was going to get mad, or throw something against the wall, what difference would it have made?” Rodgers asked rhetorically. “All I can do is control the attitude I bring into every day, stay positive and think about leading this football team to the best of my ability.”

Good resource
Anger Management ala George Anderson, http://angerblog.wordpress.com/


Interestingly was, but there is someone who does not quite agree with the author?