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Failing the civility test in social media

The test is….Would you say to someone’s face what you typed online?

Twitter messages, Facebook messages

Blog comments, comments in chat pods

We live in a social media universe. It’s open to many long after we type in messages and comments. Often we don’t think about that. We’re in the moment thinking our writing is fleeting but it’s certainly not.

When social media was initially the realm of traditional college students, college placement staff advised students to clean up their Facebook pages and other social sites before applying for jobs.

Now companies and organizations need to remind employees
It’s a matter of civility to not write about internal problems online or unwittingly reveal confidential information.

Often it’s how the comment is phrased that alerts others there is internal dissension. “the misplaced photos” “hastily-made decisions”. If you leave off the adjectives, which are most-likely your perceptions, the message becomes neutral in tone.

What you write lives on….and on.

Read about social media espionage
How to Avoid Social Media Espionage
“Along with this openness, however, comes the danger of publishing too much information too publicly and unwittingly leading to the rise of social media espionage ... the act of obtaining information published on social networks or online presumed to be secret or confidential and using it for personal or business gain.”