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Ethics in the Workplace

In June, the Society of Human Resources Management and the Ethics Resource Center released their latest survey of HR professionals.

Key findings in the survey
Ethical misconduct most commonly identified by HR professionals
• Abusive or intimidating behavior toward fellow employees
• Abuse of e-mail or Internet privileges
• Employees calling in "sick" inappropriately
• People taking credit for someone else's work

Ethics program
The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) define a comprehensive ethics and compliance program as one that includes six components
• Written standards of ethical workplace conduct
• Means for an employee to anonymously report violations of ethics standards
• Orientation or training on ethical workplace conduct
• A specific office, telephone line, e-mail address or Web site where employees can get advice about ethics-related issues
• Evaluation of ethical conduct as part of regular performance appraisals
• Discipline for employees who commit ethics violations

Ethics Resource Center June 12, 2008 news release

“Civility and ethics are intricately linked” The link between civility and ethics: an opinion from a college chair in ethics and moral values



I wouldn't be surprised if theft of corporate property was high on the list as well.

The steps above sound effective and specific measures toward the management of ethics in the workplace.