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Continuation: self-centered marketing … inside the creative camp

A post from last week relates a story of egos on the flip side…in a top creative advertising agency where practicing civility—respect for the end-users—is missing.

From Blog: Post-Click Marketing—
“At that point I learned what stands in the way of so many creatives — their egos.

“…doggedly defending landing pages that don't work. No tool is going to make them work. No act of God is going to compel consumers to buy when they are misunderstood and treated with disdain by egomaniacal creatives operating under the air cover of artistic expression.

“Hold up before all you creatives out there spam me into submission. I'm a creative. … 'great' must be in the eye of the target, not the creator.

“Wake up! What you like doesn't matter. It's much easier to defend results.”

Read the post—it’s short and interesting
Ego, Creative and Post-Click Marketing


Lynette, thanks for the mention. Civility is a concept sorely missing from so many aspects of business. Cheers.