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Wish you were here

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – Sand underfoot, two of us sat under a beach umbrella that really offered little shade given the angle of the sun. Laura and I talked about a blog in our minds for the Leopold Center that Fred will author, all the posts he could do, all the people he knows.

There was sun for water-logged Iowans and enough wind for white caps onto the sand. Ducks bobbed on the waves. A dog and his owner were at the end of the dock.

Peace…and civility
Just the free flow of ideas between two people. Shore visible on the left and right and then the opening out to the Great Lake, Michigan. Picture perfect clouds and blue sky. Wish you were here.

It’s a common line on scenic and humorous postcards of days gone by. We used to receive them along with tidbits from friends and families on vacation.

Do we send or receive them today?
Once in a while a coworker will send the office a postcard from a vacation spot. So rare, the cards generally get posted on a bulletin board even if the coworker is back before the card arrives. If the coworker had sent an email, would it get posted?

A travel postcard is perhaps a ritual but it says there is a relationship, a sense of community. Someone took the time to search for it, get the proper postage, write about five lines, address it and mail it.

I’m in Michigan at the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) conference. I’ve written and sent some postcards, more to go to family and friends, including my coworkers who didn’t come to this conference. Handwritten postcards = civility.