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Social responsibility in an organization

In the business world, it’s known as a double bottom line. The traditional bottom line shows a financial profit or loss.

The social bottom line
• improves the professional lives of employees
• provides a product or service that adds value for the customers
• contributes to the community
• helps or at least does not harm the environment

Those who favor social responsibility feel businesses and organizations benefit from society and, therefore, have an obligation to improve it.

Businesses and organizations serious about social responsibility make it a core value.

They demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility internally as well as externally. They
• value employees, supporting a structure open to fresh ideas
• help their community’s charities and governments
• review products and services to gauge the value to society
• seek to decrease the use of energy and materials and reliance upon the Earth’s natural resources

The Association for Communication Excellence social responsibility group
The group asked all attending the conference to bring used books to Traverse City, Mich. The books are being donated to the Grand Traverse Area Literacy Council to help others build their literacy skills. Because we are communicators including writers and editors, this was a natural tie for us and something easy for us to do for our host community. We decided we would do a similar book drive for next year’s conference in Des Moines.

ViNSiGN, a full service Internet solutions provider in Labuan, Malaysia, has several educational social responsibility articles as part of its contribution to the community. The Importance of Social Responsibility,
Organizations should give due consideration to the design of work organization and job satisfaction. A number of leading companies have taken steps to develop more ethical cultures and systems by involving individual employees in corporate affairs. Good internal communication avoids misunderstanding. Workers enjoy their work and work efficiently. The quality of goods and services of the organization therefore increases. Social responsibility is important in the internal environment.

Social initiatives taken by organizations tend to promote goodwill, public favor and corporate trust, and these may contribute to the long-run success.

The measurement of social investment deals with the degree to which the organization is investing both money and human resources to solve community social problems.