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Dysfunctional Communication Leads to Dysfunctional Work Places

• Units operate in silos that are unaware of the efforts of other units. One’s work may well impact another’s. They may be working on similar projects or the same project.

Roles and responsibilities are unclear, intertwining or no one oversees units to ensure each focuses and adheres to their roles.

• People hoard information so others feel disempowered.

• Overall organizational goals are unclear or nonexistent.

• Creativity and innovation take time and collaboration with an open trusting atmosphere, but workers are expected to produce every minute possible.

• Fear-based management stifles workers so they don’t ask questions crucial to an initiative’s success.

At the heart of these dysfunctions is the lack of meaningful civil communication. There’s no respect for workers. No civility. No compassion. No listening. Assumptions and gossip abound. Workers are not connected in healthy relationships.

What’s lost?
Creativity, integrity, collaboration, community, effectiveness and efficiency. There may be a frenzy of work, but are the accomplishments meaningful?

Exemplary communication needs to be part of the heart and soul of any organization or business if it wants to be successful. Then all workers feel empowered because they understand where to focus their energy and time…..So many good things result—creativity, community and change.


EXCELLENT thoughts on dysfunctional offices. It is all so true. I have nothing to add, as it has already been said. My only thought is that, if I find myself in this type of dysfunctional enviroment, I should do all I can to reverse the down slide, and open up the lines of communication between managers and co-workers. Try to restore trust within the staff so that creativity will return.