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Rapport is a relationship in harmony

A relation characterized by sympathetic understanding, emotional affinity and mutual trust and respect. The strongest relationships of deep rapport have no geographical or time boundaries. They continue for years and span miles.

Natural rapport
It’s comfortable. True rapport is engaging because there are always new thoughts and ideas to explore. I think of it as pleasurable ease. You can be near another and neither feels you have to talk. Yet when you’ve not talked for some time, the conversation is spontaneous. Natural rapport is a rare gift.

Instant rapport
You immediately feel a connection with someone. You feel you have known this person for years and can extend trust. Sometimes that holds true as you get to know the person better. Sometimes the initial connection is an illusion; someone tries to make a connection thinking he or she can profit from a relationship with you.

Building rapport
You can build rapport in the workplace with components of civility—respect, empathetic listening, curiosity and humility. It’s a mutually beneficial environment in which you build relationships with appreciation for differences and in spite of them.

“The best way to build good team work and rapport with coworkers is through the four Cs—commonalities, connectivity, communication and collaboration.”
Building Solid Work Relationships
Developing Rapport with Co-Workers
© Deborah S. Hildebrand, Nov 5, 2007

“Some people think rapport is facilitated with an insincere interest in others or pretending to have similar interests. Others may think they are building rapport with a client by always agreeing with them, or being a “yes” person, and others will define rapport as changing their opinion to match their managers, or being over enthusiastic or pandering to them. None of these notions is correct.”
How to Define Professional Relationships in Rapport
By Geoffrey Ronning

“What exactly is rapport, that essential leaderhip skill? ….The way in which you interact with others has a major bearing on your success as an influencer. Ingredients for successful influence: trust, openness, comfort, acceptance, empathy, flexibility, something in common, shared understanding.”
How To Develop Rapport More Easily
by Jonathan Farrington, July 22, 2007