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Civility defined by an anger management specialist

Civility, an Emerging Area of Specialization in Emotional Intelligence
This from the May 8 post on the blog Anger Management ala George Anderson

What is civility?

Civility is behavior in public that demonstrates respect for others and that entails curtailing one’s own immediate self-interest, when appropriate.

Civility is made up of three elements
• Civility is the common language for communicating respect for others and their views (the importance is in the gestures of respect more than the outcome of the behavior);
• Civility toward strangers requires that we behave in certain ways toward people who may mean nothing to us, and whom we are unlikely ever to encounter again, in the interest of hearing their thoughts; and,
• Civility involves holding back in the pursuit of one’s own immediate self-interest – we desist from doing what would be most pleasing to us for the sake of harmonious civil discourse with others, even strangers.

The author adds this: Daniel Goleman, the preeminent expert on Emotional Intelligence, offers the following tips on civility:
• “Conduct yourself with integrity, courtesy, and respect toward fellow members of our community”;
• “Hold individuals accountable for their actions”; and
• “Promote an environment where individuals feel safe and supported.”



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