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Protect your boundaries at work

Your relationship with your boss
“Maintain your boundaries. Remember to keep your business relationships about business. However close you may be with your supervisor, he or she is still the boss, and at times that means making unpopular or difficult decisions.” From MayoClinic.com

A boss who doesn’t observe boundaries may abuse power, sometimes unknowingly. A boss may be manipulative. It’s a pyramidal effect in the organization. Workers won’t feel safe expressing true opinions and will band together to maintain safety and self-esteem.

A boss who is receptive, fair and approachable by subordinates and who maintains excellent boundaries between himself and his subordinates fosters a healthy organization.

Your relationship with coworkers
Workplace friendships can enhance creativity and productivity. A key measure of job satisfaction is the quality of relationships we have with people in our workplace. Too much socializing cuts into productivity. Cliques can lead to exclusivity and negativity.

Peers may handle uncomfortable feelings by shoving them onto someone else. Discriminate between your feelings and another’s feelings. You can listen to another talk about feelings and not have to fix them. Differentiate what are your problems and those that belong to another. Refuse to take responsibility for feelings that rightly belong to someone else.

People need to accept responsibilities at work and if they don’t, there needs to be an honest conversation about what happened. Take out all of the personal explosions and develop an expectation that people will actually do what they say, without excuses, and, upon failing, will change the behavior that failed. You’ll be working on trust and clear boundaries.

It comes down to good communication and professionalism
A workplace thrives with people who are friendly, open and approachable, who are genuinely interested in others. A good workplace has the elements of civility: showing appreciation, apologizing when you’re wrong, fairness, superb communication, trust and all the rest.

Respect boundaries.

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