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Time and civility: 7 tips on Leap Day

Does it take extra time to be civil?
You should be able to streamline your work with civility.

1. Communicate clearly and fully. The more information you provide initially, the less time you’re troubled responding to requests for information. Share pertinent information you receive.

2. Get buy in. Involve others in decision-making so they understand the background and will take pieces of the work.

3. Delegate. Empower others to do a job and follow up without micromanaging their work.

4. Be assertive. Say no politely, no you don’t have time to take on that project, no you don’t have time to talk now, make decisions.

5. Be mindful. Prioritize, plan, know your deadlines and then concentrate on the work of the moment.

6. Think from the end-user’s point of view not your point of view. It’s about efficiency of processes. What would that person want to know, what would he find confusing about what you’ve written or designed? Is what you’re doing right now something that benefits the end-user or should it not be done?

7. Manage the balance between work and personal time. Know your priorities in each.

Enjoy Leap Day.