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Play Well with Others: Develop Effective Work Relationships

Once in a while, I find something so in snyc with what I believe constitutes civility that all I need to do is point you to the article. Let me entice you to read it---

The top seven ways you can play well with others at work.
1. Bring suggested solutions with the problems to the meeting table.
2. Don’t ever play the blame game.
3. Your verbal and nonverbal communication matters.
4. Never blind side a coworker, boss or reporting staff person.
5. Keep your commitments.
6. Share credit for accomplishments, ideas and contributions.
7. Help other employees find their greatness.

I would expand number 3 to include---just talk. Go look the person in the eye and talk, dial the number and talk. Ask questions rather than wasting time and energy speculating. Good communication can be surprisingly effective.