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Mindfulness, living in the moment

Do you drive downtown and automatically head to the grocery store, only to remember you were really going to the library? Or arrive home and can’t remember going through that major intersection? I do these things and expect some of you do too.

Mindfulness is focusing on the moment. When you go on a walk, observe animal tracks and the sky and hear the birds rather than thinking about work or people. When you eat, enjoy the taste and texture of the food.

It’s hard work to be mindful
Remember a time you lost yourself in work? You were oblivious to email, to the message light on your phone, to others around you.

That is mindfulness, a supreme focus. You’re not thinking about the past or the future but intent on the moment right now.

We’re all involved in change all the time
Instead of wishing things were the way they used to be or being restless waiting for something to happen or making assumptions, mindfulness means you concentrate on this time to observe and gauge the atmosphere. If you live in this moment, you’ll be more perceptive and better able to deal with change.

Civility is respect. Mindfulness is respect for the moment.

Try to be mindful at times today
• When you talk to someone
• When you are on the phone
• When you are in a meeting

Let me know how you do being mindful.