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A civility story about parking

Anne Adrian out of Auburn University wants to tell more stories in her blog. I’ve not told many stories. Should I? Anne is making me think about it. (Anne’s Spot: Authentic blogging, Jan. 21, 2008, http://blog.aafromaa.com/2008/01/authentic-blogging.html)

A civility story
A coworker and I acted as companions for five job candidates yesterday. Joani and I talked the day before about kindnesses we could extend to make the candidates feel at ease. Joani suggested we send emails to each of our respective candidates to explain when and where we’d meet each one. How we’d escort him or her to the first interview and guide each candidate to the various meetings. Terrific idea.

We talked about parking at our building, which involves many rules and university permits. I said I’d tackle that. I discovered for $10 I could get one parking meter ‘hooded’ for the day. Our candidates would have a space to park despite the many activities scheduled in our building.

Sure enough…yesterday, when I got to work there was one meter hooded. I drove across campus to the Iowa State Center where the interview process started for the candidates. Into the parking lot and there, before my eyes, were some six billion vehicles in the lots surrounding the buildings. Not just vehicles……..but all the accumulated snow and ice. BIG pickup trucks everywhere…parked jutting from one side and then the other into the driving paths. Not only was there no close-in parking, but driving down a row was a challenge course to see if you could make it without scraping your vehicle on someone else’s.

For all our thoughtful planning, we’d missed checking the schedule at the Iowa State Center to gauge the parking situation. I don’t know that it’s even possible to reserve a space there, but next time we’ll think about parking at all locations.

Do you have stories of civility? Or want me to tell more stories of civility?