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Management and information: the broken connection

"The cure for apathy is comprehension." --John Dos Passos, American novelist and artist (1896-1970)

Quite often vision, mission, plans and other ideas are announced with great fanfare to employees. The one doing the announcing believes this constitutes communication.

Why, then, do so few of these great plans come to fruition?
Why are they the object of ridicule in the cubicles?

There’s no buy in.

The employees
• weren’t involved in crafting the plan,
• don’t understand the benefits,
• don’t see how this vision or plan relates to their jobs.
Will it be a benefit to clients or customers or just more work?

Have can an organization make it easy or even possible for employees to buy in?
If it’s a new process, for instance, that will be used by a small group, the entire group should be involved in the crafting.

If it’s a plan for a large organization, have small group discussions when the new plan is announced. Discuss questions such as:
• What do I understand this to mean?
• Does this change the priority of my work?
• What can I, or my team, do to contribute to implementation?
Unexpected insights for management and the employees will come out of the discussions.

Buy-in = civility
It is respectful. It is inclusive. It is communication. Buy-in is the connection between management and information.