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Reflection and gratitude at the close of 2007

Thanks to those who commented during 2007—

I know most of you but it’s exciting to have comments from people I don’t know. And there are more of you who tell me you enjoyed a post or it made you think about a topic.

Thanks to Charles and Dennis for guest posts. Thanks to Bill for suggesting topics, helping shape and reviewing occasional posts.

Thanks to Giovinella Gonthier whose speech in 2003 awakened my passion for civility in the workplace. And to Gary and Ruth Namie who were so gracious to answer my questions and talk about bullying over lunch in Sioux City. And to Fiona Valentine from Western Iowa Tech who arranged that meeting. To Alan Zimmerman for his Tuesday Tips newsletter.

The free lectures and seminars at Iowa State and in Ames are a true inspiration. There are Ames ministers from two churches who have no idea I take notes on Sunday bulletins. Thanks Steve, David and Mary Jane. Sometimes just a phrase comes from a sermon or lecture, sometimes a title and sometimes entire posts.

Thanks to all for the inspiration, the suggested topics, the forwarded stories and newsletters, the quotes and the loan of books (honest, I’ll get to them and return them).

The last three months have been very rewarding. Visits are running between 4,000 and 5,000 per month. Search engine referral visits are running more than 1,000 in each of the last two months. During Nov. visitors came from 47 countries. That month 41 percent of the hits came from commercial domains; 34 percent from network domains and 18 percent from education.

I’m looking forward to a new year with more comments, suggestions and assistance…..and I really hope, additional guest posts.

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And thank you, Lynette, for raising the bar for all of us - in the arena of civility and in the blogosphere, in general - this is an excellent example of a well-considered blog on a sustainable topic. Love it and wish you and the blog all the best in 2008!

Thank you Lynette for your efforts with the civility blog. To be honest I don't subscribe to many electronic newsletters nor do I participate in blogs. I just don't have enough time to give them my attention. But I always read the civility blog and occasionally forward the entry onto others. You give us lots to "chew on" and I appreciate that very much. The best to you in 2008!