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Thanksgiving cards

A Thanksgiving card arrived last week from a vendor of specialty items. It’s sitting on my desk.

At home, a Thanksgiving card came from my insurance agent. The back of the card says ‘Hallmark Business Expressions, Created especially for State Farm’ and has the State Farm logo. The message inside the card thanks me for my business with State Farm.

My financial planner hosted a client appreciation celebration one evening last week at a downtown restaurant. He gave each person a bag with a notebook and pens plus a thank you card.

Because I work in marketing, I try to observe how and when businesses and organizations thank their customers.

Tying customer recognition to Thanksgiving is a practice of civility
The recognition comes before the busyness of December.
Thanksgiving is a holiday all Americans observe.
It has the connection to family, whether a family who lives together or works together or a family of clients.

Years ago, people sent cards and letters freely to stay in touch. They are so rare in the mail today that it’s a pleasure to receive a card from a company or organization.

So to my family of readers, whoever you are and wherever you are, here are my Thanksgiving cards for you. Thanks for reading, thanks for comments, thanks for giving me ideas and thanks to those who don’t comment publicly but tell me something I wrote made them think. Thanks for joining me in thinking about civility at work and in all our relationships.

Happy Thanksgiving

The cards on this post are from my collection of old holiday postcards.
The top one has a 1906 postmark mailed to Miss Good in Stanleyton, Va. It’s one you see often. The artist is Ellen Clapsaddle, International Art publisher, printed in Germany.
The bottom one was sent to Mrs. Mattie J. Smith in Laurens, Iowa from her son Claude in Los Angeles in 1923. It is not a notable card but I liked the verse.


I too have a collection of Thanksgiving postcards so loved seeing these posted. I've been thinking quite a lot lately about who and what I have to be thankful for in my work. I am making a conscious effort to convey that thanks via handwritten notes. And a big thanks to Lynette for the civility posts. I make a point to read each one.

Our "neighborhood" has an annual celebration of the harvest each fall - on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. It's an organized "bring a dish" event where the hosts furnish the meat dishes and drinks and the guests bring sides, salads and desserts. One lovely thing about it is that there are families there, but it's not exclusively family-oriented. It's a big crowd, all of us grateful for the blessings of our lives and grateful for the harvest (whether it's our own harvest or that of our neighbors). I love it.

I hadn't entertained the idea of the Thanksgiving Card as a substitute for the more standard "Christmas/Winter Holiday of your choice" card... what a great idea. I am doing that, beginning next year.

The practice of gratitude is a powerful force in my own life experience - amazingly, when I take a few minutes each day to record 3 blessings I am amazed at how my life seems to flow more smoothly, how bumps become opportunities and how I am ready to act when those chances occur...

I am rambling.

I am grateful for you, my friend, Lynette and I am grateful for your blog and the lessons it brings to me - lessons about humility and graceful self-correction. I am grateful for this little community of readers and for the hope we bring each other that we are not alone in seeking to improve ourselves and to bring MORE to daily life than just what it takes to get by.

Thank you.