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Do you mask who you are at work?

Does your work inspire and stimulate you?

Is your work environment and culture one in which you can be your authentic self?
We are social animals who live in social environments which require basic systems of morality and civility to survive. We seek an environment of trust, people with whom we enjoy spending time and relationships that nourish us.

Three options
If you aren’t inspired and can’t be yourself, you can search for happiness at work by
1. Looking for a different job.

2. Adjusting to reality (including pain) with equanimity by looking for nooks and crannies where you can find satisfaction. Develop coping strategies. If change is at the core of your unhappiness, figure out how to adapt. Blaming those who instigate change makes you feel like a victim which perpetuates your suffering. Here’s a site that shows the stages of change, http://www.changecycle.com/changecycle.htm.

3. Thinking about right livelihood.
It’s a concept found in many faith and wisdom traditions. It’s one of the steps on the Buddhist eight-fold path. It’s following an honest occupation that respects other people and nature. You focus on ‘What is the need? How can you help people and the Earth?’ Seek a sense of peace in your work and life that can free your energies. It’s allowing yourself to grow throughout your lifetime. To do that you must find work meaningful to you so you can be your authentic self. You can embrace your present job. One expert advises running your career as though it were a small business; I think that translates to thinking about your approach to work and your life.

Today, identify ways you can make your current job more meaningful, emphasizing things that don’t rely on someone else. On the Path to Right Livelihood, http://www.consciouschoice.com/1995-98/cc095/rightlivelihood.html

That’s three options to take off the mask.
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