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Preview of two upcoming civility workshops for ISU Extension

The workshops are about communication and relationships. There is no PowerPoint presentation.

Iowa State University Office Assistants’ Development Conference, Oct. 4
• We begin with the Queen of Soul, Aretha.
• A 10 question, multiple choice answer quiz that you never need show anyone. What you might think about for answers are on the back side.
• Ground rules for the session.
• What does respecting others mean?
• What do you want to ask about, to talk about? I may have information and suggestions. Others in the session may have suggestions. I may need to search out information to post on this blog or for a follow-up conversation.

Iowa State University Extension Annual Conference, Oct. 10
Not a repeat of last year’s annual conference workshop, although I think Aretha will be there again.

Iowa State has six principles of community approved in January 2007. We’ll focus on one: “Honest and respectful expression of ideas. We affirm the right to and the importance of a free exchange of ideas within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect, and we work together to promote awareness of various ideas through education and constructive strategies to respectfully consider and engage in honest disagreements.”
• Ground rules for the session.
• Civil discourse on one question relevant to ISU Extension.
• What do those in the session want to talk about on the topic of civility in the workplace?

I’ll ask those attending to fill out a survey at the end of each workshop.

The handout for the first workshop has a new feature: glossary of terms associated with civility and incivility. I selected ones brought up at last year’s workshop, terms I’ve written about this year and things I think about. Some are undoubtedly a preview of blog topics. Download file

If you work for ISU Extension, see you at the conferences. I hope you consider coming to talk about civility.