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44 simple pleasures at work

"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex." - Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891, Irish dramatist, novelist, poet (1854 - 1900)
1. A coworker loaning you a book you’ve wanted to read
2. Dark chocolate
3. An empty inbox
4. A new, special journal for notes
5. An uncluttered desktop
6. Fresh brewed coffee
7. A really good laugh
8. Helping someone solve a problem
9. Iced green tea
10. Crossing something off your to-do list
11. A canceled meeting
12. A root beer float break
13. The first snow
14. Good ‘hold’ music
15. Watching a red-tailed hawk out the window
16. A printer at arm’s reach
17. Silence
18. Taking Friday off
19. A potluck
20. A short productive meeting
21. Dilbert comic strips
22. Finishing a project
23. Inspiration from a mentor
24. Discovering a coworker is trustworthy
25. Unexpected flowers
26. Resolving a silly conflict
27. The right temperature in your cubicle
28. Brainstorming
29. Lunch with former coworkers
30. An IT student moving into your quad
31. A thank-you note
32. Learning
33. Empathetic listening
34. Finding your name badge
35. A productive phone conversation
36. An agenda
37. Being prepared for a meeting
38. No spam
39. Getting to know someone you really click with
40. Participating in a community project on work time
41. An easy button
42. Creating a ‘good as it gets’ mailbox
43. Comments posted on your blog
44. Driving home with good music playing

What would you add?


Finding the folder in the first place you looked!

Re #38 .. unless it's SPAM from Hormel ... and you like SPAM A LOT!

Also -- being able to borrow a co-worker's extra sweater when it IS too cold in your cubicle. :)Thanks, Lynette!

Streaming NPR

Having a co-worker hold the door open for you, as you carry in a heavy load.

Receiving a compliment about your new hairstyle - or the outfit you have on today!

*I* would add, "making time to read a 'blog called Civility in the Workplace." Thank you for all the times we don't say it.

Having fresh flowers on my desk and pictures of family and friends nearby.