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Revisiting VPL (Visible Panty Lines)—a 2007 style show update


Two months ago I introduced you to a clothing fit problem. The judges for the 2006 state 4-H clothing style show declared underwear lines showing through clothing a problem. Not a professional appearance. Not a proper ‘fit’. The state 4-H staff took action. The 2007 entry form alerted 4-Her’s that there should be “No visible undergarment lines”.

How did the 2007 style show go? Only one young woman had points taken off for VPL.

But there’s more (actually less)
The very creative youth who worked during the clothing event gave each of the seven state staff and their volunteers (including one who is 70+ years old) a pair of Victoria's Secret thong underwear.

And one other note from the lead person on this event: “During my people-watching at the fair and mall, I decided there are many who could benefit from our underwear guidelines.”

A bit about thongs ala Wickipedia
"Thongs are believed to be descended from the earliest form of clothing, the loincloth, which were generally a male's clothing item, the reverse of modern western culture where the thong has more acceptance among women. In modern clothing, thongs first became popular as a swimsuit style in Brazil."

I suspect those young women, who probably spent a considerable amount of money for those gifts, got the point -- not much fabric to create VPL with thong underwear.

Remember (this is the condensed version)
Civility is showing respect, including self-respect. Does our clothing reflect favorably upon ourselves, our department, our colleagues and clients? That means garments have a proper ‘fit’ including no VPL.

The original post: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/civility/2007/06/underwear_info_page.html

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Surely you are kidding. In a world full of inhumanity, incivility, and ordinary irritations, we are considering the relative merits of thong underwear to improve civility? Let's keep looking.

If only this was the answer... But quite often when she wears a thong under curve-hugging skirt or pants, it shows. And this can be much more provocative or on the other hand be a very unpleasant sight...

I wish schools had a class on dress code and public behavior and made it a required one for every student.

No defense here but I'll explain my impetus. I tend to start many projects and not finish them. It's a bad habit unless the project really should be abandoned. You could argue that with me on this one.
However, as a journalist, I feel obligated to tell you the end of the story. This is the end, I hope.