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Plant a Row for the Hungry in Story County

Today's Ames Life & Times lists this site for information on the grassroots program of volunteers encouraging gardeners to donate surplus produce. I work on publicity for that effort and obviously my various projects and their Web sites got tangled.

The Plant a Row for the Hungry organizing committee is asking for fresh produce from home gardeners. The produce is distributed to Bethesda Community Food Pantry, Mid-Iowa Community Action Food Pantry, Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS) and Food at First. Produce is accepted every Monday morning 7-8:30 at the Reiman Gardens maintenance shed.

See http://www.parstory.org/

Civility readers, let me share what I learned this morning. The URL and name of this blog run in my email signature on my two personal email accounts and my work one. I've learned, pretty big time today, I should take that off my email signature when sending news releases.
I would like you to be civil and to donate produce, how's that for a wrap?