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Home invader caught---it is the work you didn’t leave in the workplace

The victims are the people you live with, your friends, your community and you.

If you earn lots of money, you may be expected to work all the time. But for the rest of us, life is much more fulfilling if we leave work in the workplace.

Why is leaving work at work so difficult?

1. Technology, primarily e-mail. This post is a result of the comment put on my last post. Dennis was home and quite ill but kept getting e-mail requests to do work things. There are times to not respond to email messages. Times to not open work email--- outside work hours, on vacation or illness. But if you do and are tempted to work, convince yourself you are not going to respond.

Maintain a different email account for your personal life. I’ll do a post on that next week that hopefully will convince you it’s a very real necessity.

2. The inner drive to advance at work or convince yourself you are indispensable. Why is there that drive? One is the quest for money. Another is to feed our egos. There are altruistic reasons to want advancement, of course, the dedication, compassion and abilities to be a leader for the public good.

3. Work is your life. This is where I’d fit in community. If work is your life, pursue something else. There are many nonprofit organizations that will connect you with people who aren’t your coworkers and improve your sense of self-worth. Volunteer for a cause you believe in.

Do you see the theme? The ones outside altruism are reasons for or vehicles of incivility.

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P.S. This blog is not part of my job so that’s why the reading, writing and posts are outside work hours.


I remember a time when a life goal was to find work you could happily integrate with your life. I'm not sure is contradictory or not. I do love having a job with lots of flexibility. It feels like the price for this is doing work between 5 pm and 8 am.

Good subject! I especially enjoyed the link to "dumblittleman". One quote to remember from that site is "The boss at work does not equal the "boss" at home." The family needs you, not some overwhelmed manager shouting orders....