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One way to prepare for the incivility that you know will come

We’re heating up in Iowa, not only weather wise, but in national politics. The incivility is sure to erupt. The more we’re exposed to incivility, the more tempted we are to take on some incivility in our relationships.

A preventative measure
Suggest this blog to your coworkers, bosses, clients, friends and relatives. I’m not trying to shamelessly promote. I simply believe we are all happier with civility. The more we cooperatively can get people to think about their actions, their words—the better workplaces we’ll have. And that goes for grocery stores too. I didn’t need to hear one side of a cell phone conversation last night on the new boyfriend vs. the old boy friend while I waited for a new butcher who was learning prices and how many slices of 9-month cheddar make a pound.

There’s always the chance that whomever you suggest this blog to will think you did so to highlight the current topic. And because I write and edit for a living, I drafted (and edited) an email you could adapt, personalize, use as is or rewrite completely.

Send this on
I read a blog on civility in the workplace that covers topics on communication methods, ethics, reasons for incivility, etiquette and dealing with difficult people. There’s some fun entries too such as If a dog was your teacher, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/civility/2007/05/if_a_dog_was_your_teacher.html and the Underwear info page, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/civility/2007/06/underwear_info_page.html. I’ve found some tips for workplace communications and problems and thought you might enjoy reading it. You can sign up for the mailing list or get it by RSS feed if you click on ‘main’ at the top and then scroll down the right hand column.

Preview of topics to come
Here are some requested topics, some series continuations and some thoughts:
A request for more on bullying in the workplace to supplement Sticks and Stones, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/civility/2007/02/sticks_and_stones.html.
A suggestion to write about politics in the workplace, the national election kind.
Which makes me think of office politics.
Several posts left to go on the email communication series.
Something on difficult people comes out every other month on the 18th—that’s tomorrow.
More reasons for incivility, in the reading and contemplation stage.
Communication styles. Values. Time management and being civil. Cultures, both office and the culture of your upbringing. Integrity. Humility. Lots more in my idea file.
Some topics pop with current events.

If you have a topic request or a resource
please let me know. You could even vote on the ones above; tell me what to push to the forefront. And do speak up for civility.