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Respect for cultures

Southwestern cultures
Our bus driver was Navajo on the tour from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Our guide told us about the three Native American cultures in New Mexico—Navajo, Apache and Pueblo. We stopped at Madrid to see arts and crafts produced by ‘salt and pepper hippies’ —another culture. As we toured the countryside, our guide explained it was important to use the correct terms; those were not ditches, but arroyos. Santa Fe has a historic review design committee to maintain the cultural integrity of the city.

A day later Marley Shebala, a reporter for the Navajo Times, talked to our conference about wanting others to understand Native Americans. Her father was Zuni, one of the Pueblo group; her mother was Navajo. She told us Native Americans are not minorities, but nations. She welcomes questions about her heritage.

Cultures around the world
All this culture awareness made me think about what I should tell a diversity interest group that had given Iowa State an award for a marketing project with Lanzhou Jiaotong University in China. What I learned from the project was to respect the Chinese culture. To learn as much as I could, to ask questions of our counterparts in China and the Chinese graduate student on our team before we wrote copy, decided upon give away items. What was appropriate, what was acceptable? There is a definite protocol working with the Chinese from how to brand both universities on our marketing items to how invitations are issued.

We work with people of different cultures
We communicate with people outside our office who are of different cultures. A quick way to understand other cultures is to immerse yourself in their activities if you can and to ask people of those cultures to guide you so in all dealings you are respectful (translate that as civil).

Considering and respecting culture is a really interesting topic. Civility is cultural. More to come on culture another time or tell me what you think…

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so very VERY important! I had two classes @ ISU that really had an impact on me = one on diversity taught by Carlie Tartakov (great instructor) and another on
American Indian history taught from their perspective vs. the anglo-textbook version (wow). Nothing could have opened this small-town-IA white-girl's eyes more.

Especially from Ms. Tartakov's course, I learned that self-educating is the KEY... with every encounter, every person you meet, you put yourself in their shoes, try to see through their eyes, try to figure out their story.

Not only did I 'get it' in regard to race, but all the other cultures that surround us = regarding religion, sexual preference, having a handicap or disability, having brown eyes or blue eyes...

very important to not discriminate or to have disrespect for the things that others cannot help or change about themselves. If I'm having some sort of problem with someone I find it's always best look waaay inward first before pointing a finger or condemming others for what they just ARE.

Great stuff, Lynette! ya got me going hey : )