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Because, because, because….because……….

(Are you singing along with the munchkins in ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’ here? That’s the idea.)
Just recently after some disparaging remarks, I thought…I should have used the word ‘because’ to explain why I made the request. The word ‘because’ is a really good word. We don’t think about it enough. It’s a conjunction. The words that follow provide buy-in. It’s the connector for your clients, your coworkers. Maybe you don’t have to the use the word, but think it. It explains why. Why we should do this project, why this is a priority.

If you can’t fill in any sensible words after ‘because’, think about that....what does it tell you about the project?
I’m not sure all these dichotomies play, but I think they do.
Inclusion vs. exclusion
Trust vs. secretiveness
Cohesive vs. divisive
Understanding vs. confusion
Simplicity vs. complexity

I have seen really good projects summarily dismissed because people couldn’t see the connection or the value. Think ‘because’. It’s good, valuable, clear communication.