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About this blog

Name: Lynette Spicer

My passion for civility began in 2003 when I heard Giovinella Gonthier, author of ‘Rude Awakenings: Overcoming the Civility Crisis in the Workplace’, and learned some of my workplace habits could be termed uncivil. It was at the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences conference in Kansas City.

I presented a workshop session on ‘Civility in the Workplace’ for the Iowa State University Extension Annual Conference 2006. This blog continues the discussions.

Continuing goals
o Raise awareness about civility.
o Help people recognize that some of the things they do or don’t do can be handled more civilly.
o Show civility impacts morale, retention rates, productivity and profit in the workplace.
o Promote civility as a component of effective communications.
o Respond to readers.

Authentic and passionate
This is a personal weblog of my opinions, not the opinions, experiences or directions of my employer. I research and write for this blog outside work hours. I look for books, information and lectures that relate to civility.

I am not an expert on civility but a student of it. I believe civility is a tool that can enhance the quality of our lives. Civility is intertwined with communications. I draw upon my journalism background to listen, observe and research. I pledge to write authentic and passionate entries.

I have been a communications specialist for Iowa State University Extension since 1990. I have a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Journalism (1972) from Iowa State plus 22 post-baccalaureate credits in computer science, statistics, accounting and horticulture.

Help promote civility
My personal goal is to continue to be a credible and competent source of information, to capture your interest, to stimulate discussions and changes to improve relationships.

This blog is incomplete without your thoughts, suggestions, questions and comments.

Association for Communications Excellence (ACE)
2007 gold award writing for the Web for blog post on Sept. 25, 2007 Do you prefer people who talk or people who listen?
2006 bronze award for best innovative use of communication technology to Civility in the Workplace blog

Civility seems to be a growing hot-topic in the United States. Civility is a component of effective communications. It is risky to be candid about problems -- but that’s why a blog is a good vehicle for this content. Content and reactions are presented with some degree of openness.

More about why we should all care about civility, the inaugural post, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/civility/2006/09/resources.html