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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff….and it’s all small stuff

“Take time to reflect on the miracle of life.”
Richard Carlson, American psychologist and author (1961-2006)

The 1997 bestseller with that name is by Richard Carlson, California psychologist. He died Wednesday from a heart attack. He was midway through a media tour to promote his newest book, "Don't Get Scrooged,'' which tackles how to deal with holiday stress.

Carlson was 45 years old.

He wrote 30 books. "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'' was on bestseller lists for two years.

He understood and advocated for civility.
His signature book has ‘chapters’ that are generally two pages long. The titles alone are inspirational. They include
Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your “In Basket” Won’t Be Empty
Don’t Interrupt Others or Finish Their Sentences
Let Others Have the Glory
Become a Better Listener
Choose Your Battles Wisely
Choose Being Kind over Being Right
When in Doubt about Whose Turn It Is to Take Out the Trash, Go Ahead and Take It Out
Remember that You Become What You Practice Most
Just for Fun, Agree with Criticism Directed Toward You (Then Watch It Go Away)
Understand the Statement, “Wherever You Go, There You Are”
Stop Blaming Others
Live This Day as if It Were Your Last. It Might Be!

If you own a copy, retrieve it from the bookshelf. If you don’t, check it out from the library. It’s a great book to read individual chapters before falling asleep or for meditation. It would be a great gift for others.

On his Web site, http://www.dontsweat.com/press/obituary.html