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When did you last receive a hand-written note?

Do you remember who sent it?

Most likely you do remember. It takes time and effort to write a note to congratulate someone, say thank you for a meal or a favor, or extend a condolence. In this hurried world filled with electronic messages, people appreciate a personal touch because it is so rare. Written notes are powerful.

At work, send them to vendors, clients, and colleagues who have gone out of their way to help you. Send thank you notes within three days of the service or kindness. Phrases that express appreciation: “I admire the way you…”; “You helped our team by….”; “One of the things I enjoy most about you is…”; “You’re doing a great job of…”

During the holiday season, a client or friend who doesn’t need another gift will appreciate a heart-felt note of appreciation or of reflection.

In your personal life, how many birthday cards or notes do you send to relatives and friends?

Show you value people with effective communication. Get out the stationery or go purchase some…start writing today.

"Good manners are the lubricating oil of organizations."
Peter Drucker, political economist and management consultant (1909-2005)