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Guest Post about Sexual Harassment

At times, I’ll ask people far more qualified than I to write about topics you’ve suggested. That’s the case with this topic which was recommended at annual conference.

Iowa State University has a sexual harassment policy that covers extension staff. The policy is listed on the Iowa State Web site at http://policy.iastate.edu/policy/discrimination/#s11

Faculty and staff who have concerns have two options for handling complaints. One is the informal complaint process and the other is the formal complaint process. This is all explained in the policy on the Web site.

To help faculty and staff decide how to handle the concern, the university has established a system of sexual harassment assistors, selected and trained faculty and staff who can help work through the policy information. To identify assistors, go to http://www.hrs.iastate.edu/AAO/assistors.shtml

Don Broshar, Extension Youth and Community Development Specialist