Summer Day Camps Offered by Montgomery County Extension

Montgomery County Extension, in cooperation with Montgomery County Conservation Board and the Montgomery County History Center, will be hosting 3 different day camps available to youth in Montgomery County this summer.  Each camp has a $20 registration fee.  Financial assistance is available.  Details about each camp are as follows:

Mission to Mars: Join our NASA (Naturalist Astronauts Scientists at Anderson) team today!  We will blast off on an adventure through our solar system!  We will learn some interesting facts about all the planet neighbors and get a realization of how great the distance is between planets in our solar system.  We will then plan our own Mission to Mars and become astronauts while we make space helmets and live in a huge Mars dome under a star filled sky on the red planet.  The children will construct their own Mars robots from recycled items and decide what mission or investigation their robot can achieve followed by a great adventure to find Martians on Mars!  Join us for a fun day at the Anderson Conservation Area. Grades K-3:  Wed. June 5th OR Fri. June 7th, and grades 4-6:  Mon. June 3rd. All camps are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Held at Anderson Conservation Center.  Registration due 5/24.

The Private Eye: In this day camp we will discover the world of the very small.  We will walk on the back of a beetle, slide down the throat of a dandelion, wade through the hairs on a bean sprout and explore the bumpy surface of a seed.  We will visit other worlds and return more enchanted, wiser and closer to this world.  With the use of a jewelers’ loop (which they will keep) we will explore the small wonders of our world.  This is an adventure in developing the habits of our mind, the thinking skills that are most important to science, writing, art, math, humor, invention and more. Each Child will construct their own shoebox museum and either make or receive a journal to take home.  With these supplies their investigations will continue on all summer and longer!!  Spend an imaginative, fun filled day at the Anderson Conservation area.  Grades K-3: Tue. June 11th OR Thur. June 13th;  Grades 4-6 Friday June 14th.  All camps are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Registration due 5/24.

Growing in the Garden:  This is a hands-on camp about planning, planting, cultivating, and harvesting.  There will be new activities each week and a garden party!  This will be held for 5 consecutive Mondays, beginning June 10 from 9-11 a.m. at the Montgomery County History Center.  Please plan to attend all 5 sessions if you register!  Registration due 5/31. 

All camps have a registration form to be completed, along with a health statement.  You can pick up a form at the Extension office or download here:  Mission to Mars or The Private Eye or Growing in the Garden

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