Preserve the Taste of Summer Program

Preserve the Taste of Summer includes eight online lessons that provide background information on safe food preservation. To participate in a hands-on workshop, a participant first must complete two online lessons on general food safety practices and canning basics along with one or two subject matter lessons. These can be done at any time at home, public library, or any Extension and Outreach office. The cost depends on the number of lessons.  The minimum to attend a workshop is $50 and includes 4 online lessons and the workshop.
Workshops are the next step in the Preserve the Taste of Summer program, Barb Fuller, Nutrition and Health Program Specialist explained. To participate in the workshop, participants must have already completed the related online Preserve the Taste of Summer classes.
“We want Iowans to gain the knowledge of safe food practices, which is why we have the general overview as a requirement,” Fuller said. “We also want them to be able to identify safe recipes that are tested, as well as understand that there is a risk to food preservation. We want them to know the steps to avoid those risks.”
“Our intent is that people will come to the hands-on workshop ready do home canning or freezing to preserve their foods and not need two or three hours of discussion before we begin.”  Workshops will be arranged at a site central to the participants.
For more information on Preserve the Taste of Summer lessons, workshops and preservation methods, visit Or contact your county ISU Extension and Outreach office at 623-2592.

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