Eco Healthy Child Care

Did you know that pound-per-pound children drink more, eat more, breathe more and absorb more through their skin than adults? This means that what may have little effect on us as adults might put children’s health at risk. Emerging science is telling us a great deal about the links between environmental exposures and children’s health as well as ability to learn. Where do kids spend a significant portion of their day? In YOUR environment! That is why it is so important that early childhood professionals become aware of possible toxins in child care environments and consider steps to reducing those — even small steps can make a big difference!
In January, ISU Extension & Outreach will be offering an online series for early childhood professionals titled Eco-Healthy Child Care®.

  • Jan. 14 Indoor environment
  • Jan. 21 Outdoor environment
  • Jan. 28 Materials

Each online class in the series is from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST. Consider joining us to learn about making your environment healthier for children (and yourself!) as well as how to become an endorsed Eco-Healthy Child Care®. If you live in Iowa, register for the Eco-Healthy Child Care® online series on the DHS Training Registry. If you live outside of Iowa but are interested in participating in this online series, contact me at
You can find a listing of all of ISU Extension & Outreach’s online classes for early childhood professionals at
We look forward to sharing and learning with you!

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