Eco Family Virtual Conference Begins January 3rd

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach would like to invite your family to take part in this excited new  family based educational program! If your family is looking to develop a freener lifestyle then this is for you!  The 2013 Eco Family Virtual Conference starts in December! Sign up for the 6 monthly online classes NOW for only $70 per family!

 This NEW 'flipped' class is like nothing you have ever done before! Meet Sara and Sam Stikx the Eco Family Super Heroes and make your own avatar video!  When you register before the holidays your family has access to an amazing collection of resources and activities to do before the first online meeting January 3. As a family, have fun learning togetherand choosing sustainable living practices that make sense for YOUR family. Meet virtually with other families on the first Thursday of the month, January – June from 6:30-8:00 p.m. to share your experiences and create action plans for your community!

Topics include: exploring sustainable living resources, conducting citizen science activities, water, living green, energy, and food, among others.  As a result, we hope that you will increase your knowledge of ecological footprints, reduce household waste and do many other things to save the earth!

The online conference is part of Connecting Families to the Environment, a new initiative from ISU Extension and Outreach to provide Iowans with research-based education so they can make conscious decisions about the health of the environment, their familiy and finances.  Register today!

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