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County 4-H News

January 15, 2015

Order of Record Books for Mills County: 4H Participation & Record Book Evaluation Form Personal Picture Club Program Yearly Summary Personal Goal Record Project Records Livestock Records Photos for Project Records Photos, newspa

November 2, 2016

Teen club members are beginning to gather and feel the excitement begin as they plan for their trip to Washington DC in June 2019.  Youth who are eligible for the trip are currently in grades 7-10.  Teen club and their fun activities are open to all High School aged 4Hers.  

Keep checking in here for updates on schedule, fundraisers and more!

September 19, 2016

4H Clover Kids  are invited to attend and compete in the Set This and Bake This events on Sunday, March 19th .  Must RSVP by the 10th if you are planning to compete.  Share your baking skills and table setting skills, have fun and enjoy a tasty treat during awards!

Clover Kids have a great opportunity for doing Bake This! 

September 7, 2016

In an effort to protect human and animal health from the rise of antibiotic resistance, the Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidelines that will regulate medically important antibiotic use in animal feed.

August 10, 2016

Mills County Iowa is proud to present Zach Mass as our 2016-2017 State Council Member.  He will do a great job as he represents Southwest Iowa!

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