Livestock Projects:

 AkSarBen Information
Iowa State Fair Information
COOL Affadavit
Premise ID
Recordkeeping Forms
   Beef Project- Superintendents Jeff Dean 712-527-9403 & Brady Smith 712-309-5956  
Beef Hot Sheet
   Trowbridge Calf & Heifer Project- Mary & Dave Trowbridge 712-629-7665    April meetings at Extension Office.   Farm practices begin Saturdays in May- Feeder Beef 6pm- Heifer 7pm.  This requires enrollment in class.  Contact Extension office for details.  624-8616.
   Cat Project- Superintendent _________________________  Mock Cat Show in June    Cat Grooming Tips


Clothing Project-  Superintendent- Kathy Pearce 712-527-0499  Fashion Revue    Clothing Selection     $15 Challenge    Basic Information
                                 Mills County Fair Clothing Contest Monday, July 6th by appointment
   Dog Project- Superintendents Kres & Lonny Monday 712-629-8171  Practices on Thursdays beginning April  weather permitting       Dog Project Letter   
   Goat Project- Superintendent Colleen Gray 712-212-6515    Weigh in is ________ at 8am at Mills County Fairgrounds
                                      Goat Grooming Clinic ________ 6:30pm at Fairgrounds     Goat Showmanship Workshop _________ 6:30pm at Fairgrounds      Goat Project Info from Superintendent
   Horse Project- Superintendent Bob Blum 712-520-6663    Assistant Superintendent Denise Jens.  Horse Practice Schedule Tuesdays beginning April 19th 7pm start (warm up at 6:30)
Horseless Horse Project- Tanya Whitehill  Enroll by calling Extension office at 624-8616.  Practices begin in May
    Jamboree Hippology  Leaders are Holly Vinton (Senior Team) 402-618-3478 and  Allyn Mayer  (Junior Team) (402) 917-1738    Practices begin  on Sunday November 8th at 6:30-8pm at the Extension Office.  We will plan to meet at  the office in November on Fridays- 5-6:30pm and Sundays from 6:30-8pm.  at the Extension office  What is Hippology?
Pets Project  Superintendent Tammie Epperson  
   Poultry Project- Superintendent Teri Sanderson 402-636-6458  Byron Brockman Assistant Superintendent 
Poultry ID Form         Poultry Workshops- ----------6:30pm at Extension Office   /   ________- Showmanship Workshop 6:30pm at Fairgrounds   /   Poultry Bird Washing Workshop at Fairgrounds -------- 6:30pm 
   Rabbit Project- Superintendent Byron Brockman 712-310-7458.   Rabbit Workshop at Extension Office _____________  Showmanship Workshop at Fairgrounds on _______ at 6:30pm
   Sheep Project- Superintendent Andrew Hilton 712-310-4883
Sheep Weigh In Saturday, May 2nd 8-10am
 Share a Sheep Project Committee Andrew Hilton, Mark Schoening, Tracy Blankenship, Lacey Jackson, Myranda Deitchler.  
Share a Sheep meetings will be Tuesday, April ____ and April _____ at 6:30pm.
   Swine Project- Superintendents Rod Greiner 402-650-1062  l   Woody Wright 402-740-4028   l   Rick Mabary 712-824-7570

County 4-H News

January 15, 2015

Order of Record Books for Mills County: 4H Participation & Record Book Evaluation Form Personal Picture Club Program Yearly Summary Personal Goal Record Project Records Livestock Records Photos for Project Records Photos, newspa

Get Acquainted Games
December 22, 2014

Find lots of great mixer activities here!

October 19, 2015

Come learn about your Leadership role for your 4-H Club as you have been elected to serve your club as a 4-H Club President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, News Reporter, or Recreation Leader. Watch the video and print off the helpful re

October 15, 2015

During the week of October 5th, Glenwood Schools and ISU/Mills County Extension and Outreach partnered to provide Outdoor Science Camp for fifth grade youth at Waubonsie State Park and Pony Creek Park.  “The students experienced science in our natural environment, and applied their learning through hands-on, educational activities. The high school counselors and adult volunteers provided an outstanding learning opportunity for all students,” stated Ms. Genie Wickham, West Elementary Principal. 

September 21, 2015

Jr FLL Lego League is a great opportunity for youth grades K-3 to get involved in some basic robotics and work on their lego skills.  

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