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Wow! Enjoy the memories of the 2015 Regions 12, 17 & 18 4-H Jr Camp at the Iowa 4-H Center through these picture pages. You will be able to print, or download and save to your computer for including in a record book, printing out for a County Fair Project Report or for sharing with family, friends and your 4-H Club. We have pics of Campfires, Counselorquences, ClimbingTower, Campers and Cabins, Crafts, Creek Walk, Games, GaGa Ball and other fun with Friends at Camp.
Our Counselors and Staff did a great job of creating a place of fun, learning, growth and trying new expierience and meeting new friends. We hope you made some new friends and tried some new expieriences. Enjoy the Movie on YouTube as well.

2015 Regions 12, 17 & 18 4-H Jr. 5th and 6th Grade Jr. Camp at the Iowa 4-H Center posted to YouTube created by Jenny Vincent, County Youth Coordinator, West Pottawattamie County and Co-Director of Jr. Camp.

2015 Regions 12, 17 & 18 4-H Jr. Camp Picture Pages hosted on jAlbum

BE PATIENT and allow the whole picture page to load...it may take up to 1 minute for all of the pictures to load and then you can navigate around all of the 1000 plus photos to download or print for your use. I will try to get it hosted on a diffrent server...but for now, it is a little slow in loading......just let it completely load and you will be set.
You can open a picture by clicking on it and when you right mouse click on the picture, you can save the picture or print the picture for your use or for a fair project or record book.


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