The Iowa 4-H Aquatic Robotics Program

This new curriculum and programming using the SeaPerch robot for teams of youth to do water quality testing in local water bodies, streams or ponds. The program has partnered with IOWATER Citizen Water Testing Program to assess the quality of the water in local watersheds. Youth are doing real water quality research assessing Physical, Biological and Chemical qualities of the water bodies or streams that they are studying.

NEW! Fact Sheet on the Iowa 4-H Aquatic Robotics Team Program in Regions 6, 12 and 17. 13 Teams have consructed SeaPerch Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles for use in Water Quality Testing in their communities.

Resources for Coaches and Teams SeaPerch logo - Teach, Build, Become

Build Day Movie of SeaPerch Robot at Carroll Recreation Center hunting for Dive Rings on YouTube
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