Swine Events 2011-2012 workshops, weigh Ins and More

Mills County Derby Swine weigh In scheduled for March 30, 2013 at the Mills county Fairgrounds

Notes for Swine members-Just a note, here are a few things that you may be interested in.   The following are just a few options but we don’t in any way choose to influence your decisions by the order they are in or the omission of any providers.  These are just a few suggestions to get you started.

 If you are looking for a veterinarian, here are a few locally:

Fremont County Vet in Sidney 374-2721

Southern Hills Vet Services in Red Oak 623-5511

 Swine Producers, where you may be able to locate your stock:

Kirk Swanson- Red Oak 623-3066

Dave DeVries- Red Oak 623-4060

Dave Warren- Glenwood 527-5690

LeRoy Stortenbecker- Malvern 624-8316

Rod Greiner- Silver City 525-1062

Steve Sell- Glenwood 527-2802

Jeff Kruse- Glenwood/Silver City 712-370-1451

Tom Johnson- Stanton 712-370-3961

 Feed Dealers, for your livestock:

United Farmers Mercantile- Red Oak 623-5451   (Bagged product and grind/mix with delivery available)

Dave Warren- Glenwood  527-5690  (Bagged product)

Glenwood Feed and Seed- Glenwood 527-3131 (Bagged Product)

Farm Service Company- Pacific Junction- 622-8161 or 622-8162 (Bagged Product)

Farm Service Company- Malvern- 624-8624 (Bagged Product)

 Farm Service Company- Treynor- 487-3223 (Bagged Product)

 Swine Superintendents, call with any questions:

Rick Mabary 712-370-0150

Rod Greiner 712-525-1062

Woody Wright 402-740-4028


United Farmers Mercantile in Red Oak has a good supply of show products for fair



For up to date information- Check out the Swine Page:



Swine Hot Sheet

Swine Animal Identification Form

Swine Care and Management Disclosure Form

Information on Paylean

COOL Declaration Form

Premise ID Form

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