Senior 4-Her From Mills County Highly Recommends 4-H on Radio Interview

Bowden highly recommends 4H

Dean Adkins - Thu, 17 Jan 2013 19:05:15 CST



(Glenwood)--Nobody knows the value of community service combined with positive 4H experiences any better than Mitch Bowden of Glenwood.

Bowden, the 17-year-old son of Michael and Stephanie Bowden is a senior at Glenwood High School and is involved in many activities that make a difference at his school and his community. He has three siblings: Matt, Ali and Tori along with Tori's husband Kyle and their son, Wyatt.

Mitch enjoys playing many sports including football, baseball and track. He's also on the leadership council at his school, which gives him opportunities for leadership and outreach amongst his peers at Glenwood.

When Mitch's mom, Stephanie, took on the Mills County Extension 4H Youth Coordinator role a few years back, Mitch decided 4H would be something he'd be willing to jump into and that's exactly what he did. He's been President and Vice-President of his 4H club, the "Sure Shots" and has really enjoyed the shooting sports program which gives young people a chance to sharpen their firearm shooting skills while learning and practicing safety as well.

Mitch has done plenty of volunteering in his community and has been very active in his local church. One of his favorite experiences was last year's 4H Youth Congress in Atlanta, which Mitch says was not only a blast as he made so many new friends but he says the experience was extremely informative as well.

Mitch plans on attending South Dakota State University this fall where he's looking forward to receiving training to be a nurse anesthetist.

Mitch has loved his 4H years and would highly recommend 4H to a young person contemplating joining. As a matter of fact, if you're still deliberating feel free to check out Mitch's video below!

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