All Animals Must be ID'd by May 15th in

Enter Animal ID’s ONLINE—Deadline May 15


All of our animal ID’s will now be entered online, this in-cludes all livestock and pets. We do ask that you refrain from entering MARKET LAMBS. The extension office will be re-sponsible for entering these after weigh-ins. Your MARKET BEEF projects are already ID’d.

The process is very simple for most species.

1) Go to and click on the state of Iowa.

2) Log in with your family email address and family pass-word. (You need to be enrolled, first.)

3) Continue to your family page.

4) Click “Edit” by your Member Name.

5) Click on Animals at the top of the page.

6) Select the animal type/species that you wish to ID, and click Add Animal.

7) Fill in the fields and SAVE.


Each species will require different fields. ALL SPECIES, IN-CLUDING PETS, NEED ID’D.

Horses will require that a photo is uploaded of the front, back, left, and right, of your horse. Dogs require a rabies vaccine be entered (so schedule your appointment, early.)

ANIMAL ID’S ARE DUE MAY 15. DO NOT WAIT until the 15th, in case you have problems, or the system is not work-ing. ID Early. We can help you at the Extension Office, prior to May 15.

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