2010-2011 Information for Project Areas for 4-Hers & Leaders

Below is all information that has been sent via the mail or email to 4-H  leaders.

Leaders   and Youth Project Areas

Leaders if you haven't, please submit your mentor list to the Extension Office

  • Transportation Form to be used for 4-H outings  
  • /4hvolunteers (website for volunteer training) 

  • 4H skiing, sledding, toboggan Permission form

  • SESS/Shooting Sports Coordinator Lynn Eckle      Watch for upcoming schedule of events.  WIll plan to meet 4th Sunday of the month.  Information will be mailed to you.

  • Poultry Project Teri Sanderson      

  • Swine Project Woody Wright, Rod Greiner, Rick Mabary

  • Sheep/Goat Project Mark Schoening     

  • Beef Project Brady Smith     

  • Horse Project Shirley Miller & Bob Blum    

  • Dog Project Lonny & Kres Monday

  • Cat Project Pamela Manning

New Arrival!!  4-H Livestock Email Lists

Anyone Can Sign Up:  Staff, Volunteers, Project Leaders, Parents, 4-H’ers

Visit this link to sign up for any of the following 4-H livestock species lists:


Ø       4hbeef

Ø       4hdairy

Ø       4hdog

Ø       4hhorse

Ø       4hmeatgoat

Ø       4hpoultry

Ø       4hrabbit

Ø       4hsheep

Ø       4hswine

Subscribers will get periodic emails about important upcoming deadlines, identification reminders, general reminders, and other important announcements regarding 4-H livestock from the State 4-H Office.

***Note:  Subscribers CANNOT send or reply to these email announcements or to the lists above.  They are informational only.

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