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Welcome to the Iowa Master Conservationist Program

Wildlife ProgramsThe Master Conservationist Program is offered by Extension Wildlife Programs. It is a volunteer program developed to give you the information necessary to make informed decisions about your natural resources. To become a Master Conservationist you need to:

  • Have an interest in conservation and environmental issues and concerns;
  • Attend at least 32 hours of hands-on training sessions;
  • Provide at least 32 hours of volunteer efforts, and
  • Have a willingness to learn and share ideas with others.



Master Conservationist Participants Master Conservationist Participants

Master Conservationists are individuals that share an interest in the sustainability of Iowa's natural resources, and in becoming better stewards of Iowa's resources. This course is the first step in a journey. In order for individuals to make informed, intelligent decisions, they need to have accurate information. Master Conservationists are given the information necessary to make lifestyle changes that contribute to sustainability. Involvement in the course is a hands-on experience, getting you into the resources in a way most courses do not.

Explore this web site for further information and details on how to sign up for a course in your county. For more information on the Master Conservationist Program, go to What is MCP.

Master Conservationist Participants

The Iowa Master Conservationist program was developed in 1998 with partial support of grants from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University.  The Leopold Center continues to provide all participants with a copy of A Sand County Almanac, written by the Center's namesake and native Iowan, Aldo Leopold.

Leopold Center