Master Equine Manager

Master Equine Manager Fall 2013

e-Learning Equine Education Modules with written assessment - On-line, 24/7
Optional Hands-On Training with practical evaluation - multiple dates, locations throughout the year

Knowledge, Certificate achievement, Title, MEM Network access, Continuing Education


To provide horse owners and enthusiasts with a comprehensive educational program that teaches the science of horse management.

The Master Equine Manager program accommodates your busy schedules. The program is a combination of video recordings, activities, articles, resources, and a quiz. Participants will be able to access the material any time. The lesson will be complete when each quiz is finished.

Is Online Study For You?

  • You can add to your equine knowledge anyplace and at any time using a computer.
  • You can study a subject you have great interest in learning about
  • You can study at your own pace, first learning the theory, then practicing or doing work experience and later completing the practical assessments

Modules and Lessons

  • Welfare of Horses: Understanding Horse Behavior, Facilities and Equipment, Equine Quality Assurance
  • Horse Nutrition: Forages for Horses, Feeds and Feeding
  • Horse Health: Equine Emergency Treatment, Vaccinations for Horses, Understanding Horse Parasites, and Hoof Care
  • Selection of Horses: Conformation and Evaluation, Unsoundness’s and Blemishes

Each module will be in Moodle and will consist of 

  • Video
  • Activities
  • Quizzes
  • Resources

Master Equine Manager e-Modules and Registration Fee

1.      Welfare of Horses

Adult (19 & Over)

High School Students

·         Understanding Horse Behavior

·         Equine Quality Assurance



·         Facilities and Equipment




2.      Horse Nutrition



·         Forages for Horses

·         Feeds and Feeding



3.      Horse Health



·         Equine Emergency Treatment

·         Hoof Care



·         Diseases and Parasites




4.      Selection of Horses



·         Conformation and Evaluation

·         Unsoundness’s & Blemishes



Purchase All Four


























Practical Experience - Hands-On Course

  • Optional one day Master Equine Manager hands-on supplemental course offered at select locations including Cazenovia College, NY; Iowa State University, Ames, IA; University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. 
  • Participants are expected to have registered for 2 or more MEM modules (valid for one year).
  • Certified Master Equine Manager’s wishing continuing education can register for a reduced $40 fee.


  • Online material is available year-round. You can register anytime.
  • For Iowa High School teachers who require Heartland AEA credit, the course would need to be taken within a semester's time - fall or spring. Contact Dr. Peggy M. Auwerda for more information.

Optional Practical Workshop Dates

  • Workshops are available for new and former Master Equine Manager's

Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Contact Dr. Peggy Miller, 515-294-5260,

To Be Arranged with Participants

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Contact Dr. Kathy Anderson, 402-472-6414,

To Be Arranged with Participants

University of Connecticut
Contact Dr. Jenifer Nadeau, 860-486-4471,

To Be Arranged with Participants

Cazenovia College
Barbara E. Lindberg
Program Director, Equine Business Management
Interim Director, NYS Center for Equine Business Development
Cazenovia College
(315) 655-7212

June 6th and 7th

Course Design Example - Feeding a Horse

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